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We offer a range of products to help prolong the efficiency of your diesel engine

DieselAid Fuel additive icon

DieselAid® Fuel Treatment & Additives

Our DieselAid® range of additives are aimed at addressing specific fuel problems as opposed to the commonly promoted catch all, where you could well be buying chemicals that you don’t  need.

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MFP Marine fuel purifier icon

Marine Fuel Purifier (MFP)

Removes water and contaminants from fuel  5 year guarantee and is made in the UK.  Learn more about the Marine Fuel Purifier and Read our Customer stories.                    

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Diesel Duck portable diesel fuel cleaner icon

 Dewatering and Polishing Diesel Duck®

Diesel fuel dewatering & polishing unit,  portable, fully automatic, & self-contained.  Simple to use quick release fuel hoses (supplied).  Simply carry on-board, connect & leave to work.  

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Genuine Caterpillar parts icon

Genuine & O.E.M Spare Parts

Genuine Caterpillar and genuine Cummins parts.  Usually 30% better priced than the main suppliers.  Other engines models available e.g. MAK, Deutz and Wartsila.

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EDI Lube Oil Purifier icon

EDI Lube Oil Purfier

Only purifier on the market to remove fuel dilution.  Seaworks 2014 Innovation award winner.  Supplied with free oil analysis.

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oil analyses & testing icon

Oil Analyses & Testing programme

Web-based full spectrographic Oil Analysis,  Mobile Oil Testing  & Real Time Oil Monitoring to suit your needs. 

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Diesel Duck portable diesel fuel cleaner icon

Fuel Tank Dewatering Diesel Drake®

For fixed installations on larger diesel tanks.  Samples fuel drawn from bottom of the tank twice a day and automatically discharges any water.

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Washable turbocharger and panel filters icon

Washable T/Ch & Panel Filters

Fully washable Turbocharger filters as  recommended by MAN  with a  5 year service  life. Reduces fuel consumption.  

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SeaView icon

SeaView & Topguard

Used by major airlines and adopted by us for marine wheelhouses etc.  Improves vision in wet weather 50ml treats 5 square meters.

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Marine 16 as used by the RNLI

Full range of Marine 16 fuel treatments & other Marine 16 products available.

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