Prolonging efficiency in Diesel Engines
How We Clean Air How We Clean Fuel How We Clean Oil

Prolonging Efficiency in Diesel Engines

We clean air and fuel, kill diesel-bug, extend oil life and offer a bespoke range of diesel additives 

MarShip UK is dedicated to ensuring the vital elements of your engine Air - Fuel - Oil are maintained at optimal efficiency, so you always get the best performance from your engine.

Looking after your air with MarShip


Dirty turbochargers can effect fuel consumption. The traditional white filter wrap quickly fills with dirt making the problem worse.  Our washable made to measure thermo-bonded nylon filters increase surface area and eliminate cleaning the charge-air-cooler

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Looking after your fuel with MarShip


Diesel has changed, we now have more instances of diesel bug, new types of deposits and loss of lubricity to deal with. We offer a range of solutions from purifiers that clean and remove water without filters & electrics to our DieselAid range of  Additives.

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Looking after your Oil with MarShip


Oil is a precious and expensive resource.  Our proven award-winning EDI Lube Oil Purifier safely extends oil drain up to 4 times.  We  provide three types of oil testing, Real-Time Oil Monitoring, Mobile Test Kit with particle counter and Web-based Full Spectrographic analysis. 

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Washable, Removable Pleated Turbocharger & Panel filters

Filters on turbochargers have been inefficient for years, be they ABB, VTR, Napier or MAN, engineers have fitted white filter wrap material. This material is inadequate for the job, it quickly fills up with dirt which restricts the air making the situation worse as the surface area is only that of the original turbo-charger casing and they are clearly ineffective as the charge air coolers still need cleaning.

MarShip UK washable turbocharger filter compared with a traditional filter

Turbocharger Filters

For all medium & slow speed diesels

An excellent white paper from engine manufacturer Wartsila details how dirty turbocharger filters have a detrimental effect on fuel consumption, our washable pleated filters increase the surface area and are more effective than the standard filter wrap .

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MarShip UK washable made to measure panel filter

Panel Filters

For FD Fans, HVAC, Plenums & electric motors & alternators

Panel filters are traditionally made with HVAC 20mm flat filter media held in place with a grid. The dirt progressively impregnates the filter media resulting in a reduction of air flow and a high differential pressure, leading to rapid degradation and collapse.

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Gone Are The Days Of Filling-up Your Tank & Forgetting About it

Diesel has changed significantly, we have a wide range of published articles and information on our site to help you understand what has changed and how to avoid expensive fuel related breakdowns.  Many manufacturers are now refusing warranty claims on fuel related components and with the average cost of a fuel related breakdown estimated at £1500, you need to be covered. 

MFP Kill diesel bug for good icon

Diesel Fuel

Kill diesel bug for good. Diesel bug is on the increase and can cause countless problems. Our Marine Fuel Purifier solves the problem  by removing the water. Uses no electrics or filters

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Diesel Duck Portable fuel cleaning icon

Portable Fuel Polishing & Cleaning

The Diesel Duck® is a portable,  easy to use, self-contained dewatering & fuel polishing case.  Designed to be carried on board it can clean up to 12 liters per minute.

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DieselAid Specialist Fuel additive Icon

Diesel Dewatering

For Fixed installation and large diesel tanks.  Two separate models available for storage or high usage applications, including additive dosing. 

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DieselAid Specialist Fuel additive Icon

Specialist Fuel Additives

Avoid expensive 'catch-all' additives.  Our specially blended DieselAid® range has been designed to address specific problems for diesel engines.

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Helping You Improve & Reduce Your Oil Spend

Oil contains smart additives which hold contaminates in suspension, the oil becomes saturated with these contaminants & acids which then continue to circulate around the engine.  Engine oil filters are typically 20 microns (Nominal).  Anything over 5 microns will damage bearings.  All you need to do is remove the contaminates and acids and you can continue to use the oil, which lasts longer as does the engine. 

EDI Lube Oil Purifier

Extend Oil Life by Four times

Overall winner of the 2014 Seaworks International Innovation Showcase & Marine Engineering Category award, the EDI sytem has been proven to  safely increase the life of your oil by 4 times.

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Real time oil monitoring sensor

Three Types of oil Testing to suit you 

Real Time Oil Monitoring, Mobile Oil Testing with particle counter and full web-based Spectrographic Oil Analyses are all available to help you better protect your engine.

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