DieselAid® Diesel Fuel Treatments & Additives

Specialist Additives for Specific Issues

(Picture shows lacquering of a fuel element from deposits)

Fuel Quality Deteriorates Faster than you Think

Studies carried out by the University of Idaho conclude that the contamination and degradation process of stored diesel is well underway  within 28 days with fuel showing 26% degradation at this point.

These videos courtesy of world leading chemical company Lubrizol, demonstrates the affects low-sulphur diesel has on your engine and how additives can help to control the effects so preventing additional wear & tear on your engine. 

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Diesel Fuel Treatments & Additives Specifically
for all Diesel Engines

Lower Levels of Sulphur Are Having an Effect on Diesel Engines

Low sulphur diesel is responsible for a range of problems over many sectors including, but not limited to, Marine, Agriculture and Quarries. From leisure users, farmers, work-boat and large container vessels, it affects us all.  At MarShip UK we work with two of the leading chemical additive manufacturers who supply the world’s major oil companies.  Our DieselAid range of treatments are aimed at addressing specific fuel problems as opposed to the commonly promoted catch all, where you could well be buying chemicals that you don’t need.

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DieselAid D

Deposit Control - DieselAid® D
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DieselAid D is a detergent additive to remove and prevent lacquering or IDID formed from Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel. With ultra fine tolerances found in electronic fuel injectors and common rail systems, fuel delivery is critical to maintaining fuel economy and emissions control. IDID is now a very real issue causing fuel pumps and injectors to malfunction, in some cases within a few hundred hours of running. By maintaining cleanliness in the fuel system, specific fuel consumption is maintained and time between overhauls can be increased. DieselAid D can help with fuel change over in ECA’s by ensuring HFO deposits are quickly dispersed.

Available in 1, 5, 25 and 200 litre containers.    Dose rate: 1 litre to 6,000 litres of fuel

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DieselAid L

Lubricity - DieselAid® L
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DieselAid L is a lubricant only additive to replace the lack of lubricity in Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel. Lack of lubricity causes problems with sticking injectors and high wear in fuel systems. Most at risk are modern high speed common rail engines that rely on the fuel for lubricity. With fuel system tolerances at a few microns and fuel pressure in excess of 2000 bar., it is critical that some lubricity is reintroduced.

Available in 5, 25 and 200 litre containers. Dose rate: 1 litre to 10,000 litres of fuel

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DieselAid LD

Lubricity + Deposit control - DieselAid® LD
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DieselAid LD is a blend of lubricity and detergent additives combining the advantages of both the above. If fuel is used regularly and not left standing or stored for long periods this is the simplest and most cost effective additive for modern diesel.

Available in 5, 25 and 200 litre containers. Dose rate: 1 litre to 5,000 litres of fuel

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DieselAid C

Fuel Stabiliser - DieselAid® C
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DieselAid C is a diesel conditioning and stabilising additive. Oil Majors add stabiliser to keep fuel fresh for only a few months. Any fuel that is stored of not used for long periods should always be treated with a conditioner to ensure it remains ready for use.

Available in 5, 25 and 200 litre containers. Dose rate: 1 litre to 2000 litres of fuel
1. Lubricity: To replace the lubricity removed from the Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel
2. Deposit Control : To clean and prevent lacquering.
3. Fuel Stabiliser: Oil majors add stabiliser for a storage life of a few months after which the fuel quickly degrades.
4. Cetane Improver: Degrading fuel loses this all important cetane rating which ensures easy starting.
5. Demulsifier: Fuel is hygroscopic (biofuel 30 times more so), a demulsifier ensures water is separated from the fuel.
6. Biocide: To counter microbial attack in stored (standing) fuel from bacteria, moulds and yeasts.

DieselAid One Shot Icon



One-shot Stabiliser - DieselAid® SureStart
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Developed for lifeboats, emergency generators, fire-pumps & other emergency equipment 

DieselAid SureStart is a diesel conditioning and stabilising additive as above but blended with a carrier to enable one shot bottles for smaller fuel tanks. DieselAid SureStart was developed specifically to ensure ship’s critical emergency equipment will start when needed.

Available in 100ml, 500ml and 1 Litre. Dose 100ml to 100 litres

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DieselAid B

Microbial - DieselAid® B
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DieselAid B is a broad spectrum biocide. DieselAid B prevents, or in higher doses, kills and eradicates bacteria, mould and yeast.

Available in 5 and 25 litre. Dose rate: Prevention 1 : 20,000 Eradication 1: 1,000

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Cold Flow


Cold Flow - DieselAid® CF
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DieselAid CF is a cold flow improver. DieselAId CF is specifically aimed at modern diesel including bio-diesel improving the cold flow characteristics for cold weather. Essential as bio-diesel becomes more popular.

Available in 5 and 25 litres. Dose Rate: Variable

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Demulsifier - DieselAid® DEM
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Ensuring fuel stays free of water is essential in ensuring that fuel remains free from diesel bugs.

Available in 5 and 25 litres. Dose Rate: Variable

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Deposit control + biocide  - DieselAid® DB
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A blend of detergent and biocide.  Formulated for operations where large volumes of commercially available EN590 diesel is held in tanks but is not stored for long periods as in work boats, quarries and road transport etc.  Used in conjunction with our Fuel Management System, "Diesel Drake" it ensures no water can accumulate on the bottom of the tank and combats IDID in ULSD and particulaly bio-diesel.

Available in 1, 5 , 25 and 200 litres. Dose Rate: 1 litre to 5000 litres

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HeavyAid S is a heavy fuel dispersant-stabiliser and combustion improver formulated to maintain fuel stability during blending, handling and storage. Disperses existing sludge formation and prevents further agglomeration. Improves combustion reducing unburned carbon deposits throughout the engine and exhaust system. Improves fuel system cleanliness and combustion. Using HeavyAid S will result in greater efficiency and better fuel economy.

Available in 5 and 25 litres. Dose Rate: 1 litre to 20,000 or 1 to 7,500 for reactive emergency dosing