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Diesel Bug
  • Diesel Bug eradication and prevention
  • Remove Water and sludge
  • Prevent lacquering & gumming
  • stop engine smoke
Why additives are so important

Diesel has been through many changes over the years and is now dry and unstable.

Here, Director Peter Weide explains the journey of diesel.

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Our most popular diesel treatments are listed below:-

Others are available. Contact us with your specific issues and our resident expert will advise.
Peter Weide Director Marship
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for Diesel Bug

DieselAid B

biocide - DieselAid® B
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DieselAid B is a broad spectrum diesel biocide. DieselAid B prevents, or in higher doses, kills and eradicates bacteria, mould and yeast, also known as "Diesel Bug"

Available in 5 and 25 litre. Dose rate: Prevention 1 : 20,000 Eradication 1: 1,000

DieselAid B approved by MTU
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Designed with smaller fuel tanks in mind, DieselAid® LDB offers an all-round treatment designed to offset the adverse effects of ULSD. Formulated for operations where large volumes of commercially available EN590/Red Diesel is held in tanks but is not stored for long periods. The Broad Spectrum Biocide keeps yeast growth and Diesel-Bug at bay whilst the added lubricity ensures longevity of your engine and its components.

Available in 1, 5 and 25 and 200 litres. Dose Rate: 1 litre to 4,000 litres

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DieselAid C

Fuel Stabiliser - DieselAid® C
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DieselAid C is a diesel conditioning and stabilising additive. Oil Majors add stabiliser to keep fuel fresh for only a few months. Any fuel that is stored of not used for long periods should always be treated with a conditioner to ensure it remains ready for use.

Available in 5, 25 and 200 litre containers. Dose rate: 1 litre to 2000 litres of fuel
1. Lubricity: To replace the lubricity removed from the Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel
2. Deposit Control : To clean and prevent lacquering.
3. Fuel Stabiliser: Oil majors add stabiliser for a storage life of a few months after which the fuel quickly degrades.
4. Cetane Improver: Degrading fuel loses this all important cetane rating which ensures easy starting.
5. Demulsifier: Fuel is hygroscopic (biofuel 30 times more so), a demulsifier ensures water is separated from the fuel.
6. Biocide: To counter microbial attack in stored (standing) fuel from bacteria, moulds and yeasts.

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Other Products


Other Products Available
  • DieselAid® D  
Deposit Control
  • DieselAid® DB
Deposit Control & Biocide
  • DieselAid® L
  • DieselAid® LD
Lubricity & Deposit Control
  • DieselAid® SureStart
One-shot Stabaliser
  • DieselAid® CF
Cold Flow Improver
  • DieselAid® DEM
  • DieselAid®HeavyAid 
Heavy Fuel Stabiliser

Customer Testimonials: 

Mooney Boats
“We have seen a reduction in fuel consumption, our vehicles are running smoother with no smoke".

Chief Engineer Antartica
"I have been using MarShip DieselAid products during the last fishing season.  We had the diesel bug, it has been killed and has not returned.  The engines are running smoother.  We installed the dosage pump which makes the DieselAid cost efficient.  I will not go to sea with out having the MarShip DieselAid on board."

Nick Fox - Owner FV Green Eye
"I have been using DieselAid LDB to prevent carbon build up on the injectors and to prevent diesel bug. Since using the additive, we have had no diesel bug and after 8000 hours on the engine, it's running smoothly"

These videos courtesy of world leading chemical company Lubrizol, demonstrates the affects low-sulphur diesel has on your engine and how additives can help to control the effects so preventing additional wear & tear on your engine.

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