Diesel Drake® - Fuel Tank Automatic Dewatering System

Remove Water from Diesel 

The best diesel dewatering system now available as an automated static unit

Fuel Dewatering

The heart of the system is the Patent Pending Tank Seperator Unit (TSU) which is rapidly establishing itself as the best dewatering system available. Oil/water is admitted into the top of the TSU where water is efficiently separated and collected on the bottom. A high and low level sensor then operates the drain and vacuum break valve to purge the separator.
Fitted with a weekly timer the Diesel Drake starts once a week for normally an hour and draws diesel and free water from the VERY BOTTOM of the tank at the same time starts a fuel treatment dosing pump to precisely inject the exact quantity of fuel additive required.

Designed to keep water out of the fuel tank in the absence of a maintenance routine to perform this simple task or where tanks are situated underground.

Diesel tank Dewatering is as essential as maintaining your engine, weather it's Marine, Mining or Agriculture.

Static Dewatering system for Diesel by MarshipStatic Dewatering system for Diesel by Marship

Additive Injection

Remove the water and you remove the diesel bug. However diesel, and in particular ULSD and Bio-diesel, still form lacquering and gumming in fuel systems very quickly leading to increased fuel consumption and engine maintenance.

Developed for use with the Diesel Drake we supply DieselAid® LDB, this multi-functional additive consists of a lubricity improver, a detergent for deposit control, and a biocide to protect the tanks that are filled up from the main tank. Used with the Diesel Drake it will eliminate diesel related problems in your fleet.

Static Dewatering system for Diesel by Marship
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