Diesel Drake® - Fuel Tank Automatic Dewatering System

The bilge pump for fuel tanks......

Remove Water from Diesel 

The best diesel dewatering system now available as an automated static unit

Fuel Dewatering

The heart of the system is the Marine Fuel Purifier (MFP), already established as the best dewatering system available. MarShip UK have taken this and made it fully automatic. Includes an additive Injection pump for precise dosing of fuel treatment when filling the tank.

Fuel is sampled from the bottom of the tank twice a day, normally morning and evening. Any free water found is automatically discharged. Specifically for large tanks that are filled regularly where fuel polishing is not necessary
but dewatering is as always still essential such as Work Boats, Transport, Agriculture, Quarries and Construction.

Additive Injection

Remove the water and you remove the diesel bug. However diesel, and in particular ULSD and Bio-diesel, still form lacquering and gumming in fuel systems very quickly leading to increased fuel consumption and engine maintenance.

Developed for use with the Diesel Drake® we supply DieselAid® DB, this multifunctional additive consists of detergent for deposit control, a Demulsifier to quickly drop suspended water out of the fuel and a biocide to protect the tanks that are filled up from the main tank. Used with the Diesel Drake® it will eliminate diesel related problems in your fleet.

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