Diesel Duck® - Portable Diesel Cleaning

Remove water and solids to 2 microns

Remove Water & Contaminants from Diesel 

The best diesel dewatering & fuel polishing system now available in a portable case.
A simple 2 stage process.

Stage 1

The heart of the Diesel Duck is the patent pending Tank Separator Unit, which is rapidly
establishing itself as the best de-watering system available. MarShip have taken this technology and made it fully automatic and portable.

Fuel is taken from the bottom of the tank and returned to the top, any free water present is automatically discharged into a container.

Stage 2

Having de-watered the fuel, stage 2 cleans and polishes the fuel to 2 microns if required. An absorption filter can be fitted if necessary to remove emulsified water and revitalize old fuel....

 Complete with suction strainer and optional flow meter.  

Polishes up to 15 liters per minute.  Available in 12 volts and can clean over 1000 litres before requiring external power supply.

Available to Rent or Buy.....


Paul Fisher - Owner “Hambledon Lady”
May I take the opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service received on hiring the Diesel Duck used on my Princess 33 motor cruiser....
The unit is excellent, extremely well constructed, compact and supplied with step-by-step instructions. , the system took nearly 2 litres of water from the tank, and then cleaned the remaining diesel, removing contaminants and diesel bug effortlessly.....
On the strength of this performance, I am installing your Diesel Dipper into the boat to keep the fuel tank and fuel system clean....

Christopher Casey - Owner of "Angele Aline"
A Dunkirk Little Ship

Thank you very much for your help in resolving my diesel bug problems in the fuel supply for Angele Aline. In Hiring the Duck for a week, the situation was made a little more complicated by the fact the boat was in France so communication lines were extended but you did everything possible to support me which was greatly appreciated....
The Diesel Duck did a superb job of ridding me of the dreaded bug and in addition the advice I received was invaluable because with your help I now think we have a regime that will avoid any repetition of the problem
I would highly recommend your services to anyone who either has diesel bug in his tanks or is keen to avoid it in the future.”

Jonathan Fielding - MD of Falmouth Boat Co
"A customer's boat picked up some contaminated diesel in the Channel Islands and the system needed a thorough clean. We rented MarShip's Diesel Duck and it did exactly what we needed it to. Transportable and easy to use, it is an excellent piece of kit. I highly recommend it."

Steve Scheftsik - Owner of Florina
"Just back from the South of France. Used the Duck to clean the diesel, had no problems this year whilst cruising, checked the tank and still clean so everything is fine"

* Fully Portable   * light weight case * Removes free & emulsified water
* Removes contaminants to 2 microns   * 12 volt   * 15 liters per minute pump   * Up to 1 hours continuous battery operation
* Simple to use with quick release couplings   * UK Manufactured   * Additional revenue stream
* Can be used on-board without an external power supply

Customer Stories

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