Diesel Duck® - Portable Diesel Cleaning

Remove water and solids to 2 microns

Remove Water & Contaminants from Diesel 

The best diesel dewatering & fuel polishing system now available in a portable case.
A simple 2 stage process.

Stage 1

The heart of the Diesel Duck® is the Marine Fuel Purifier (MFP), which has already been established as the best de-watering system available. MarShip UK have taken this technology and made it fully automatic and portable.

Fuel is taken from the bottom of the tank and returned to the top, any free water present is automatically discharged into a container.

Portable & lightweight
Supplied with quick-release hoses

Stage 2

Having de-watered the fuel, stage 2 polishes the fuel to 2 microns. Can also be fitted with an absorption filter to remove emulsified water.

 Complete with suction strainer and optional flow meter.  

Polishes up to 12 liters per minute.  Available in 12 volts and can clean over 1000 litres before requiring external power supply.

Removes free water
2 hours continuous operation

* Portable, lightweight carry-on case   * Self-contained, will clean/polish 1000 litres   * Removes free & emulsified water
* Removes contaminants to 2 microns   * 12 volt   * 12 litres per minute pump   * Up to 1.5 hours continuous battery operation
* Simple to use quick release couplings and supplied hoses   * UK Manufactured   * Additional revenue stream
* Can be used on-board without an external power supply

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