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For information on all our products from DieselAid Additives or fuel cleaning systems that stop Diesel Bug in its tracks Diesel to Turbo-charger Filters and Panel Filters, or just an informal chat, get in contact with Marship today and let us help you to
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Marship the Fuel, Air & oil Experts for Marine, Agriculture & Mining. looking after Diesel Engines for efficiency, lower running costs and the environment. Catch us at expos, fairs and in the media.

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AIR - FUEL - OIL the heart and soul of your diesel engine

MarShip clean air and fuel, extend oil life, kill diesel bug and offer a bespoke range of diesel additives MarShip is dedicated to ensuring the vital elements of your engine Air, Fuel and Oil are maintained at optimal efficiency, so you always get the best performance from your engine.

Contact Marship today and let us help you prolong the life of your diesel engine.