MFP - Marine Fuel Purifier

Stop Diesel Bug for Good

Blocked filters, a sure sign of diesel bug contamination. As sulphur levels in fuel fall, diesel bug increases. It’s such an issue that many engine manufacturers are now refusing warranty claims on fuel related components.   Removing diesel bug is easy. Diesel bugs live in the water in your fuel and feed on the diesel above, remove the water and you remove the diesel bug.. The Marine  Fuel Purifier (MFP) removes water meaning the diesel bug has no where to live, so dies - for good.  No more diesel bug!

The average cost of a fuel related breakdown is estimated at £1500

New Improved Version - Diesel Dipper - Gets Right to the Bottom of your Tank

How does water get into my tank?

through condensation or from the supplier. Bio-diesel, which makes up to 12% of the the most common EN590 fuel, is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs 30 times more water from the air than normal diesel. Previously the high levels of sulphur acted as a natural biocide, but new regulations which came into force on 1st January 2015, sulphur has dropped to less than 0.1% resulting in ever-increasing  diesel bug attacks.

Protect your engine 

No filters & no electrics
Easy to install & maintenance free
Removes free water & solids
5 year guarantee
Made in the UK
"Our Beneteau 50 has just been fitted with your filter. On first use extracted water perfectly. Thanks for the time you spent explaining it all Hopefully we'll stay bug free.....excellent customer service." - Neil Kerr
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