Oil Monitoring, Testing & Analyses

Three types of testing to suit your needs

Real Time Oil Monitoring

Real ime oil monitor

Continuous oil monitoring,  can be linked to a communication package.

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Mobile Oil Testing Kit

mobile oil testing kit

Provides oil condition & particle count to current ISO Standards

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Spectrographic Analyses

spectrographic analyses

Web-based full spectrographic oil analyses gives you the full picture.

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Real Time Oil Monitoring

When You Need Results in Seconds

If you need to have a constant and accurate picture of your oils condition then this simple to use sensor permanently fitted to your oil flow gives you a continuous reading in seconds and will ensure your machinery oil is never compromised.

  Immediate onboard assessment
  24/7 real time
  Measures capacitance & conductance for oil condition

Complete Senor
display shoeing oil quality

300 times more accurate than any other sensor when monitoring cold air and 60 times more accurate when measuring hot oil, making it ready for immediate use and flexible for any situation

Mobile Oil Testing Kit

Serious about your oil's condition but need results fast?

If you are serious about keeping your oil in tip-top condition and you want to compliment your existing testing programme and don’t want to wait weeks for the results then our Mobile Oil Tester is the most advanced portable test kit available.

Mobile tester sensor
easy to connect
The condition of your oil - fast

Oil samples can often take a week to return their results and in a world where total failure can occur over hours rather than weeks then prevention is obviously better than cure.

The most advanced portable test kit available

The Mobile Oil Test Kit is the most advanced portable test kit available, enabling accurate condition testing of any oil within seconds, loading the result onto a lap top to export results and analyse trends. Using the latest technology of measuring Capacitance AND conductance of the oil resulting in the oil permitivity, the sensor is far superior than the previous method of measuring dialectric strength only. As the oil degrades the quantity of polar molecules increases and this can be accurately measured to give an instant result of the oils exact condition.

300 Times More Accurate

Accuracy is everything; the Mobile Oil Tester can monitor oil condition whatever the temperature of the oil. The sensor is 300 times more accurate than any other sensor when monitoring cold oil and 60 times more accurate when measuring hot oil, making it ready for immediate use and flexible in any situation.

No Consumable Chemicals Required

Requiring no consumable chemicals except for the cleaning spray readily available from most outlets, the tester is self calibrating with new oil.

Portable Oil Tesing Kit
Supplied in robust carry oncase

Web-based Full Spectrographic Oil Analysis

Ensure your Engine is Never Compromised

We can offer a full spectrographic web based oil analysis service to ensure your equipment is never compromised. This managed service enables us to monitor your equipment closely and report immediately on any irregularities to give you confidence the oil is fit for further service.

Spectrographic oil analyses
Web based analyses
clean clear oil

Viscosity Increase (soot) or decrease (fuel) can both be extremely damaging to any engine and both contaminates affect the TBN and the oil’s ability to protect the engine.

Having reported  on the condition of the oil we can now improve it with our EDI Lub oil Purifier 

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