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MarShip's Range of Washable Turbocharger & Panel Filters

Filters on turbochargers have been inefficient for years. Engineers have fitted white filter wrap material, however, this material is inadequate for the job. It quickly fills up with dirt which in turn restricts the air. The surface area is only that of the original turbo-charger casing. In addition, they are ineffective as the charge air coolers still need cleaning.

Wartsila white paper on fuel efficiency
White paper by Wartsila explaining the effect of dirty turbochargers on fuel consumption
Washable turbocharger brochure
Brochure - Washable Turbo-Charger Filters
made to measure panel filter brochure
Brochure - Made to Measure Panel Filters
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Published Articles on Fuel

Combat the Problems from Low Sulphur Diesel

As fuel continues to change to meet the ever more stringent regulations it’s important to understand how ‘new’ fuel impacts on your engines performance.  MarShip's continued dedication to fuel maintenance ensures that you are kept fully informed.

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Blog - How to Prevent Diesel Bug Customer Story
What is Diesel Bug?
Blog - Keeping engines diesel bug free during tie-up
How does water get into my fuel tank?
Blog - Why diesel fuel is drying out
Why diesel fuel is drying out
Blog -  How to Prevent Diesel Bug Customer Story
A closer look at IDID - Internal Diesel Injector Deposits
Blog -  Keeping engines diesel bug free during tie-up
How healthy is your stored fuel?
Blog -  Do you need a fuel additive?
Do you need a Diesel Fuel Additive?
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Published Articles on Oil

Reducing Oil Spend

Oil is valuable and as it becomes ever more scarce we have a commitment to use as little as possible.  This means making our oil last longer and not dumping oil which could be recycled.  It's not only an environmental essential, it makes financial sense as well.

Article - Reducing oil use Marine Trader editorial
Editorial - Reducing Oil Use
Article - Reducing emissions ECO case study on he EDI Lube oil purifier
Editorial - Reduced Emissions Case Study
Article - Reduce oil spend by 70% Fishing News Editorial
Editorial - Reduce Oil Spend by 70%
Article - EDI Lube Oil Purifier Brochure
Brochure - EDI Lube Oil Purifier
DFDS Case Study, removing water from oil
Case Study - DFDS Removing fuel dilution from Oil
Case study - EDI REducing Service History
Case Study - Reducing Service Intervals
Case study - TDL increasing reliablity in Diesel engines by cleaning fuel
Case Study - Increasing Reliability
Case Study Reducing operating costs
Case Study - Reducing operating Costs
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