Removing Water from Diesel

How to Remove Water from Diesel

The Most Effective way to Cure Diesel Bug

If you have read our article Why are my Fuel Filters Blocked? you are probably wondering how you can easily and simply remove water and other contaminants from your fuel to stop the dreaded diesel bug taking hold.

Where Does the Water Come From?

The simple fact is your standard fuel filters can only stop the sludge entering your engine and if you rely only on disposable filters then you are going to be changing filters many times on one journey.  The time and inconvenience caused by constantly changing filters can be disruptive and the more sludge your tank is harbouring  the greater probability of additional problems occurring such as tank corrosion. 

Regardless of countering a diesel bug attack, the presence of water in fuel can also lead to misfiring, wear to injectors and pumps, corrosion and the possibility of explosive damage to fuel injectors as the combustion process super-heats any water present.  With this in mind it makes removing water an essential part of engine maintenance.

Some manufacturers are now refusing warranty claims on fuel related components