Washable Marine Turbocharger & Panel Filters

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Washable Marine Turbocharger Filters

Eliminate Charge Air Cooler Cleaning and Improve Fuel Efficiency

Fitting a MarShip washable turbocharger filter not only eliminates cleaning the charge air coolers it also helps prevent increase in fuel consumption as detailed in this excellent white paper published by engine manufacturer Wartsila.  

With kind permission of Wartsila... page 4 on this white paper highlights
the importance of air flow through the engine..

Wartsila white paper on fuel efficiency
Easy to fit washable turbocharger filter
turbocharger filters come with manometers
Reduce Cleaning Charge Air Coller

Washable Made to Measure Turbocharger Filters

A MarShip purpose built filter eliminates cleaning coolers as the dirt is left on the outside of the engine. Made from tough thermo-bonded synthetic media and pleated to increase the surface area by up to 60% to handle dirt loading, they are encapsulated in  wire mesh for strength and rigidity. Each filter comes with a manometer.  Recommended by MAN. If you want to stop cleaning coolers, maintain the specific fuel consumption and guard against  burnt exhaust valves or reduced maximum power then fitting a MarShip UK purpose built turbocharger filter is the answer. 

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Washable Made to Measure Panel Filters

Why fit a pleated, Washable Panel Filter?

Standard panel filters are generally made with traditional HVAC style 20mm flat filter media held in place by an outer grid, they are very effective at trapping the dirt, for a while but totally unsuitable in marine air filtration.  After time the dirt progressively impregnates the filter media so getting trapped and cannot be washed out resulting in a reduction in air flow and a high differential pressure, leading to rapid degradation of the filter media and final collapse inside the frame.

Made to measure panel filters
Air Conditioning Filter
Standard filters come apart quicky
HVAC Panels
Washable panel filter
Generator Filtration
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