MarShip - Meet the Director

MarShip - meet the Director

As an ex-Chief Engineer with more than three decades experience, MarShip’s Director, Peter Weide knows this business inside out.

Whether you are the owner of a hardworking fishing vessel, LNG carrier, Cruise Ship or Superintendent of a large shipping company, MarShip understands and acts on the unique pressures and requirements associated with the marine industry.

We offer a unique alternative to the engine builder’s sole sourcing position – without compromising on quality.

Working in partnership with you, MarShip processes your requirements quickly and efficiently. Whether it is for engine parts, specialist turbo-charger and marine panel filters or fuel and lube oil purification systems. We work hard to ensure that you get the best option and price first time backed up by excellent service throughout.

We have a right first time policy, which defines the approach taken by MarShip. We place great importance on communication and pride ourselves on first class customer service.

We look forward to being of service to you.

T: 0044 (0) 1666 818 791



Peter Weide is MD of MarShip UK, a UK based company specializing in optimising the efficiency of marine diesel engines. Advising on maintaining the cleanliness of Air, Fuel and Lubricating oil, we regularly recommend solutions to operators and appear regularly in industry press, with our full range of diesel additives DieselAid we can offer solutions for most operating conditions and wont advise them if you don’t need them.

Prolonging Efficiency in Your Diesel Engine